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Marilyn Muir says: 

I just wanted to let you know how much I like your product 18 Paths, it actually does what you claim, you feel better from pain fast.

I am a nurse and have been since 1984, my feet have seen a lot of mileage. Last year in Aug I had an acute onset of Achilles tendonitis I did have some PT treatment but the condition turned into chronic Achilles tendinosis. It started in my right foot and then I developed symptoms in my left foot. I did have shock wave therapy but still had lingering pain. I have tried various NSAID both oral and topical with little effect and a negative effect on my stomach. I tried topical preparations with capsaicin; it just felt like my foot was burning but no reduction of the pain.
Then I received the email from the elder abuse network introducing your product and I tried it. My pain is so much better, as I am a gardener I also get lower back pain it works well for this too.

I apply some when I first get up and then later in the day. It controls my pain, I have had no side effects and it dries with no odor.
It is just great stuff,


Tanesha Anderson says: 

My name is Tanesha Anderson I am the owner/operator of Anderson Rehab in Scarborough Ontario, and one of the practitioners here. We have been using the 18 Paths product now for about  6 months and we are proud to say we truly love it. We use the product for hands-on treatment for physiotherapy and massage patients and our chiropractor uses it as well. We have had quite a few patients say they find it soothing and relaxing and helps with the soreness and pain that they feel, which has resulted in their purchasing the rub from the clinic for self- use at home. I find the product to be non-invasive, not over-powering, and when using it my- self in treatment, creates a soothing comforting feeling. This is a great end to sometimes intense treatment sessions, and the clients leave relaxed.  I am proud to endorse this product to others.


Doug Sansom says: 

For about 20 years I have dealt with knuckle pads on four fingers of each hand.  A nuisance I've gotten used to. In the last ten years I have developed Dupuytrens contracture on my left pinky finger. In the past year the combination of the two conditions has started to restrict my ability to play guitar.  I don't play for a living but play on a weekly basis.  Recently I struggled to finger certain chords and have contemplated going to two finger playing using dadgad tuning.

A friend of mine encouraged me to try 18 Paths.  With one application I noticed a significant increase in mobility of the fingers in my left hand.  I'm not saying I play like Joe Bonamassa but I have the flexibility to play to my ability with little discomfort. I'm pretty happy about that. Thank you.


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